Intro to Fabulous Fanny

This is a letter about my mom written by a very dear friend and will give you an idea about her and her humor.


What will I always remember when I think of Wanda Ebersole?

If there is such a thing as a female leprechaun, she IS one:

An Irish leprechaun from Nocatee, Florida?  Faith and begorra, yus!

A giggling poltergeist from Nocatee?  Ja!

A miracle worker who turns the most staid conversation into hilarious fun and stay the most impassioned philosopher’s argument with a twinkling slice of saucy wisdom –

Whose sense of fun infects the stolid and delights the surprised-

Who pokes the Devil from behind with his own red hot fork-

Who can make the dying laugh aloud when no sense of anything is left at all but nonsense.

Whose loving loyalties are stronger than her St. Bernard’s and fiercer than her mamma-cat-with-kittens–

Who loves nothing more than a good practical joke (and who will probably sit-up in her casket while this is being read and chortle, (“Fooled you!  Whatever made you think I’d be dead” and then climb out and lead the congregation in a bawdy rendition of her own delicious celebration of living over dying)—

Who April Fools everybody so elaborately you never know you’re took, and she laughs harder than anybody, never AT you, but with you—

Who defends her Nocatee heritage (“You can take Wanda out of Nocatee, but not the Nocatee out of Wanda”) but manages to be the most  sophisticated, elegantly coiffed and soignée of her set, the beautiful paradox of an emancipated traditional Southern Lady at her best—

Who supports the Lord in all His endeavors and works harder than most professionals to make the millennium arrive-

Who never, never shares her own private sufferings and agonies, but channels them to the well-being and pleasure and caring for others who hurt as much as she does-

Whose laughter is the best medicine any doctor or pharmacist ever concocted, especially when she makes you laugh, and most of all at yourself in all our richest most flawed humanness—

Who will turn the world upside down to help somebody laugh; whether it be hiring a real Playboy Bunny; telephoning transatlantic for permission to borrow some goose eggs for an Easter Basket; handing 20 foot banners off the Seventh Floor of a hospital roof to entertain and surprise a patient below; staging a monumental Treasure Hunt Birthday Party fit for a princess for a little girl whose father was dying—

Who makes cotton April Fools Day candy over and over for the same unwary friends-

Who entertains the great just as casually and ceremoniously as she warmly welcomes the yard man-

Who has probably “toted” more delicious dinners to the sick, ailing, needful, hungry, busy, exhausted, depressed, schizoid, dying and untended than all the servomation in five states.

Who is everybody’s Fairy Godmother, leprechaun and twinkly elf all rolled into one-

By whose life fires all who know her stop to warm their hands, chuckle again over and cherish some private memory of a shared joke—and move on refreshed by this unbelievably generous spirit who uses Mary Hartman to lure her husband to bed early enough on

Wednesday nights-

I celebrate the spirit and the life of an admirable, delightful WOMAN, WANDA, with love and joy.

Chick Wallace 10-5-77

P.S. She also makes the world’s best brownies!

Note: Unfortunately, Chick physically left us in 2010.

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