Frog in Your Milk

When my sister and I were kids mom would ask us if we wanted a frog in our milk.  It was a Maraschino cherry, most likely this was done so we would drink all of our milk. Never the less it was a fabulous fun thing and a tradition we had.  One year my mom found a white mug that had a little green frog in the bottom, so cute.  At this time my sister was off at college but when she came home for a visit we asked her if she wanted a frog in her milk and used this mug.  It was so fun sitting there in anticipation of her drinking her milk to the point that the frogs eyes would appear and startle her.  Well, it happened and she jumped and started yelling and mom and I just started laughing and laughing.

So that is the story of the Frog in Your Milk at our house.  You do not have to find the mug but you might want to use the cherry to get your folks to drink all of their milk.


Keep it fabulous today and have a frog in your milk.

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