Happy New Year 2012 Follow Up

Thanks for all the great comments about the Black Eye Peas event.

I just got an e-mail from my sister and she reminded me of another simular event.  Years ago there was a company called Charles’ Chips and they would deliver to ones home, I know imagine that really times gone by.  Anyway, we use to get their chips and one time we found a live worm in the can, well i don’t remember what mom said to them but we did get a large delivery of their products sometime later.  I think dad said he had so many potato chips they were coming out of his ears.

Below is an event my sister shared with me:

I learned from this story, too. I had an expensive duvet cover that I washed with Tide detergent. When I hung it on the line, I saw that there were now whiter spots on it, as though it had been bleached. I called Tide, and they questioned me at length about water temperature, amount of detergent, fabric content, etc., then told me that with some natural fabrics, there would appear to be spots when in bright sunlight, because of the ultra-violet properties of the detergent. They sent me a check for the full amount of the duvet cover (about $200. This was when I used to have money.) And when I took the duvet cover back inside, you couldn’t even see the spots anymore. Being honest (another of Mom’s many lessons), I called them back, and they said it was okay, they would still send the check just because of my trouble. They sent me a bunch of coupons for free Tide, too.

Is that not Fabulous!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2012 Follow Up

  1. Remember Charles Chips well and the neat delivery service. Must check in Publix to see if any Charles Chips exists….

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