St. Patrick’s Day

Ok, so I am late with this post but here goes anyway.

First off, St. Patrick’s day is a fabulous holiday that we did celebrate in our house.  We decorated and mom would make special meals that usually consisted of coloring everything GREEN.  That’s right Green, everything from coloring our milk green to green pancakes or biscuits.  All was great fun except for the year that mom colored the mashed potatoes green.  For some reason that was not a big hit in our house but it gave us nice stories to talk about all these years since and a nice little threat to serve them again if we did not behave….  In honor of this memory we did have a bowl of green mashed potatoes at the lunch to celebrate my mom’s fabulous life this past December.

Alright, with that said we will spring ahead to this most recent St. Patrick’s day when I helped out my friend and business partner Sandra Kolka (owner of Sprezzatura and KolkaKitchen) cater a St. Patrick’s day party for her client.  This is a lot of work but a lot of fun as well, although my thumb is still a bit numb from holding in the safety button on the meat slicer for three and a half hours as I sliced up 100 pounds of homemade corned beef.  In addition, I designed and printed up menus and tags for each item as well as a few boards with sayings or stories.  To give you an idea let me show you some photos:

STPAT2012 Menu

As you can see from above the menu was quite extensive but truly Irish.

Below are some photos of the many fantastic breads made by Sandra’s husband James Kolka.  WARNING: you will be hungry after looking at these fabulous breads!!!

Bread by James Kolka

James Kolka's Black Carrot Caraway Rye

Breads from the great James Kolka

James Kolka's Irish Artisan Breads

Well that was my 2012 St. Patrick’s Day and I hope you all had a FABULOUS St. Patrick’s Day!

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