April Fool

April fool’s day was one of the fabulous holidays that my mom loved.  There are so many fun things to do on this day and my mom was the leader of the fun.  She was well known for her special candy that she was able to catch the same man on for 12 years.  The recipe is pretty simple: melt equal portions of chocolate and paraffin wax in a double boiler.  One the chocolate and Paraffin are melted and mixed together take cotton balls and dunk them in the mix then place on wax paper to cool.  you may want to spoon extra mix on top or put a nut or candy piece of some kind for decoration.  It is also nice to mix them in with some other candies and helps to make them look less suspecting.

April Fool

In the photo above the black and white arrows are pointing to two samples the mom’s fabulous April Fool’s Day candy.

My sister and I would take a plate to our classes every year for such a fabulous fun April Fool’s Day.  For some reason these seem to be addictive as we have seen people still work to eat the chocolate off the cotton even after we have told them they have been fooled.

Remember to keep it fun and have a fabulous April Fool’s day!


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