It’s my Birthday

To celebrate my birthday I must tell some stories of the fabulous birthday’s my mom planned for my sister and me.

   (Photo at left is of my sister and me at my birthday party a few years ago.)

Like the time she really surprised me on my 16th   birthday with a party, she even had one of my school teachers involved and how my classmates all kept the secret as well was impressive.  She also found a magician to entertain us during the dinner.  It was also the birthday that I had to take my drivers test and mom said pass it or don’t come home as she was not driving me to school another day, said with all love of course, I did pass.

Many times on mine or my sister’s birthday we would have Chinese Fire Drills, this is when you pull up to a stoplight and everyone in the car has to get out and run around the car and get back in before the light changed.  Not sure one could do this these days with so many cars on the road but it was a lot of fun back then.

One year for my sister she had a messy party, this consisted of dad having to line the garage with plastic and  all the kids were told to bring soft food to throw at each other.  Mostly it was old tomatoes, pumpkins and  whipping cream however, someone brought something hard enough to break a window in the door to the garage.

Here is a photo of how they looked afterwards:

Here is a picture of the invite:

After this my parents loaded all on the back of a flatbed truck with bails of hay and took them out in the woods for a cookout.  After dinner my dad was driving them home, they had such a fabulous time that my dad was up until about 3 am driving them all over town to get them home as they tricked him in to going a back and forth across town even though some lived near each other.

Another time my mom had a backwards party for my sister where we did everything backwards, they all dressed backwards, had to walk in the house backwards.  my sister opened presents, then had cake and then dad cooked the hotdogs and hamburgers. Click on the link below for a picture of the invite, have to print and hold in front of a mirror:


Mom was such a master at parties that somehow she was able to get my sister’s teenage friends to rake the entire yard.  To this day I am still trying to figure out how she got that to happen.

Well I am off to make my favorite birthday cake, Red Velvet, it won’t be as good as mom’s but I will just pretend that it is like hers.
Have a fabulous day and Happy Earth Day as well.

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