The 32 year project

This project actually  began a few years before it started in 1980 as my father’s mother, Dora Pelot Ebersole, loved to needlepoint and had asked mom what she would like to have needlepointed.  In the latter part of 1979 mom finally bought her a new dinning room table and found a set of these 10 chairs at some auction:

I don’t recall the original fabric on them but dad and I covered them in this fabric as a temporary cover.  Mom decided that this would be the project for dad’s mother to needlepoint.  We searched for a set of 10 covers that mom liked and actually found them in a small shop in Saint Augustine, Florida.  We were also lucky enough to find a substantial supply of the color thread that mom liked and matched the color of our home at the time.

Here is a look at a cover:

So at some point in 1980, my dad’s mother started the needlepoint and finished almost 6 of them before she died in 1986.  A year are so later mom worked on finishing up the ones that were almost complete as dad’s mother was not able to see well enough to do the petit point around the humming birds.  Once my dad retired from his regular job mom got him started on doing some of the needlepoint as well.

I do not remember the exact year they finally finished all the needle work on all the chair covers but I guess it must have been sometime in the mid to late 1990’s.  For some reason we did not have the chairs recovered, though we talked about it every year but we wrapped them up and stored them in a closet.  They stayed in the closet until 2003 when mom and dad moved out of their home to a retirement facility and I got the table and chairs and the bag with the finished covers.

Since then I have moved a couple of times and mom physically left us in 2011 but a couple of weeks ago I decided it was time and found a place near my home that would recover the chairs for what I thought was a very reasonable price.  I am now proud to say that they have all been covered.  


Thus this amazing project that began over 30 years ago with 3 members of my family having worked on them is complete!


So don’t give up on those projects!  It may take longer than you might imagine but the end results are FABULOUS!






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