Faboooooulous Treat


Wow, October already.

Here is a fabulous Halloween treat my family has made and shared for well over 50 years.  We made these ghosts and my sister and I would take them to our home room class at our schools for all our classmates.  We also handed them out to all the trick or treaters that came to our home.

You will need the following:      

1 pair of scissors

black yarn

black magic marker

bag(s) of Tootsie Roll Pops

Kleenex (note: do not use ones with added lotion )

Optional a homemade ghost house


Start by cutting yarn into 11 – 12″ lengths

Take a Tootsie Roll Pop and place it in the center of a Kleenex. 





                                                         Gather the Kleenex around the pop.

Use the yarn and tie a bow around the base of the Tootsie Roll Pop.






With the Black Magic Marker make two dots to look like eyes.  

You are done with the first one.  Now just repeat as many times as you want or until you have finished the bag.  They are ready for Halloween or you may display them in a ghost house like this:  

or in a holiday wreath or incorporate them in one of your other holiday decorations.





Kids and adults love these, yes adults too as I have always taken them to my offices, and they are a lot of FUN!

Have a fabulous Halloween!


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