The Countdown Begins

With Christmas just around the corner I remember something my mother and sister created for me when I was a little kid and a bundle of excitement for Christmas Day.  There are ten and half years age difference between me and my sister and this was a fabulous things she did for me, for a few years before she went off to college, by making me a countdown box.  What I mean by this is that she and mom found a box, wine or beer or something, that divided and created 24 compartments.  Ok, are you getting the idea, sorry I am not able to find a picture.  Anyway, the entire box was wrapped in Christmas paper and at the top the cut just three sides over each compartment and thus making a little door that opened for each of the 24 compartments.  In each compartment my sister placed one little wrapped gift, well in my day it would have been dime store type things but I guess these days it would be more like dollar store type items.  Things like a yoyo or a kazoo or maybe Silly Putty, get the idea?  I would be given this box on the first of December and would get to open on compartment each day for 24 days.  Cute, no?  I can not tell you how exciting this was for me to have the fun of getting a little gift each day plus it was a great way to keep me from under the tree shaking packages.

In any case, I thought this was a fabulous way to countdown the days to Christmas.  I also think that even in these times it might be fun for people and families to start doing for each other.  Ok, so many of you are saying we all get too much these days as is and I would somewhat agree with you however, I think this is not about more gifts per say but creativity.  What I mean by this is this project may be done on a budget, thus one has to think and be creative in stretching the budget to cover 24 little gifts, actually a good lesson for the little ones.  For the older ones one could give of their time, give to a charity in their name for that day, do one of their chores around the house, make a holiday ornament or decoration,



really the ideas are limitless so be creative!

If you can not do all 24 try for one a week or get the family involved and let each one draw for different days they are to have a gift for everyone.

The goal here is be more creative and really think and have fun with your family and loved ones NOT to take away from Christmas Day or to add to the cost of the holidays and put everyone deeper in debt.

This season I urge you to give it a try and you will have a really FABULOUS holiday!


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