I Want To Thank You For Being…

My objective for this space has and is to focus on my mom’s humor and make this a fun zone.  However, like so many people this has been another year of many challenges and continued loss for me.  With today being the national day for reflecting and giving thanks, though I try to everyday, I want to give special thanks for those that have touched my life.  I  give thanks to those that have taught me, loved me, cared for and about me, showed me compassion and understanding, that made me laugh, nourished my spirit and soul, gave me support and encouragement, that gave me honesty and showed me the many gifts from God.  I give thanks to all those that have been in my life and have made my life journey, so far, the most amazing, wonderful and fabulous journey one could possibly imagine.  While these individuals are no longer here physically they are not forgotten by me.

First and foremost MOM, there are not enough words or time to express my THANKS for you.

I give THANKS for and to all the following, (in alphabetical order):  Elia Ayoub, Lucille Ball, Margaret Battenfield, Harold Berman, Erma Bombeck, Kay Bryan, BT, Buffy, George Burns, Joe Camps, Theresa Castro, Ernest “Papa” Cowart, Marcia “Nanny” Cowart, Pat Creel, Lou Haddaway Cox, Christy Dale, Shirley Dell, Yvonne Dell, Mrs. Dye, Dora Ebersole, Barbara Ebersole, Bob Ebersole, Mickie Edwardson, Tom Elfe, Mary Ruth Elfe, Mame Fort, Janice Graves, George Hack, Bernice Hack, Lisa Hagge, Graham Haile, Eloise Haile, Hal Hall, Ray Hall, Susan Harper, Maj. Hollis, Betty Hooper, David Johnson, Joey, Joey II, Barbara Kissam, Bill Lillycrop, Martha McElwee, Thurston McLeod, Pat Mendoza, Bone Mizel, Cleo O’burst, Philip Ogle, Earle Page, Uncle Runt, Sassy, Mrs. Shannon, Edith Shoemaker, Red Skelton, Socks, Thaxton Springfield, Molly Springfield, Jane Sterrett, Morris Storter, Punch Sulzberger, Thomas, Ted Thompson, David Garrett Van Allen, Al Wallace, Chick Wallace, Christine Ward, Leo Ward, Levi Whittle, Martha Williams and others.

I thank you for allowing me to share.

Finally, as mom always said Happy Thanksgiving and Don’t Drink Too Much Turkey!  


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