Christmas Reflections

Merry Christmas

These are just some random thoughts and photos from our past Christmas celebrations or if you will the ghost of Christmas past.

Jimmy and Glenda Christmas 1968

Yes the old holiday photo of my sister and me in our Christmas day finest in 1968.

I found this letter to Santa from my sister back in 1961,



a few years before I came along…. take a look at the beautiful drawing, the dawn of a fabulous artist.

Glenda at Christmas 1971

Here is another holiday photo of my sister in her 1971 Christmas finest, that dress wow, what a way to rock the ’70s

Here I am with my Christmas present of my dog socks..


Such a pair and such a great dog, he was a Saint Bernard.

Here is the letter that Santa left me in 1974.  The handwriting appears to look like that of my fathers but we know it really was from Santa.  He also left powder snow tracks across the living room carpet as more proof, and if I remember correctly he had very big shoes..



Finally some photos of mom at Christmas time, most of our holiday activities were all recorded with the movie camera and not stills… Transferring all of those will be a project for another day…

Here is 1986 mom starts the cleanup from our Christmas dinner…  xmas93006 don’t worry she did not do it all on her own, oh no, everyone eats so everyone helps out.


Here is mom in her Christmas red hanging out with a Santa in 1987.


In 1993 my grandfather and my mom open presents together on Christmas morning.

I just had to add this photo of our Joey II in 1996 with all his Christmas spirit.

Ho!Ho!Ho! 1996

Hoping you and yours had the most FABULOUS of holidays!

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