Un-Decking the Halls

Christmas ornamentsWell we are now about halfway through the holidays and I hope everyone is having a fabulous time so far.


I had Good Morning America on yesterday and heard some discussion on when people take down all the holiday decorations.  As this part is as much a tradition as putting them all up I know most families have their set time.  Well this is no different for our house, it has been mandatory that everything has to be down by New Years or it is bad luck, at least that is what we were told, over and over.  Ok, so who am I to argue with that, I certainly do not want or need any more bad luck, and so it goes.  Several years ago, about this time, I was talking with my mom and grandfather, her dad, and we figured out that it was my grandmother, mom’s mom, that started this tradition.  Now I bet you are saying to yourself so what, that’s how many traditions get started.  True, but do we know why they became traditions.  Well on this particular day my grandfather spilled the beans, telling us that my grandmother came up with the bad luck story and was so adamant about everything being down and put away by New Years.  Being the genius that she was she knew that all the visiting family members would go back to their homes at or just after New Years and she would be the one stuck taking down all the decorations.

So, I offer this fabulous idea of a tradition to you and your family.  So during the next few days while your loved ones are still gathered near spend some time together and un-deck you halls.  It is also a great time to share the history of your families traditions and like me you might just get a little surprise.   May you all have a fabulous and



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