Success – 30 Years Later

water feature

water feature


Another success, after 30 years.

we can make it work

we can make it work

My parents and my maternal grandfather owned about 40 acres for a several years and we had camp outs and cookouts on this land over the years.  On this land was an old, non-working pump (see picture above)

When they sold off this property in the early eighties I got the old pump off the land and planed to turn it into a water feature.  Ok, so 30 years later and having moved it to various places I lived and even using it as yard art at one house I have now made it a water feature.

I know mom would approve, especially after she enjoyed our first one we built-in the late 1970’s (see photos)

First Water Feature

First Water Feature


Here the old pump is getting its base coat of paint, a color called Rosemary but I was going for that green of aging copper.  Ok, real reason was that this was a paint that could go over all the rust.

base coat of paint

base coat of paint

I still scraped it with a wire brush for a couple of hours then washed the entire pump.

Final coat of paint, for now…  This color is called aged copper, someday I will do more research on this line of pumps and find out what the true original color was when it was made but for now loving this fabulous look.

final coat of paint (for now)

last coat of paint (for now)


It is now up and running and looking fabulous!

up and running

up and running



4 thoughts on “Success – 30 Years Later

  1. You give me hope! I have a cement lion’s head I bought about 15 years ago that I’ve dragged around from place to place with intention to turn it into a fountain. It has the hole in the month, I just need to get a pump and figure out mounting and what Mr. Lion might spit his water into. Your water feature turned out really cool, I love the paint!

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