a life to live over…

live happy

live your lifeSo we are two days into our kitchen remodel (Yes. Will definitely blog about it!!) So I’m kinda, sorta stuck at home for the most part.  Let me just say that this really makes it kind of difficult to procrastinate about this cleaning, clearing and purging “cycle” that I am in.  I said difficult.  Not impossible.

Today I found a (huge) stack of inspirational articles that I have collected throughout the years from emails, the newspaper, friends…  I found it to be pretty much like going through a box of pictures.  You know… Two hours go by, and you are all emotional entangled in a trip down memory lane – Yet, remarkably, the pile is still huge.


With today being the anniversary of 9/11 – we all awakened this morning with a heightened sense of “life”.  And family.  And loved ones.  And those we have lost…  A reminder about living in the moment, because today is…

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