Happy VD Day


On this day we would wake up and find cards in the bathroom and mom making heart-shaped pancakes, usually with a few drops of red food coloring. A little surprise in our lunch box and dinner was a heart-shaped meatloaf and heart-shaped biscuits.  As always, they were all made with fun and love.

mom V Heart-001


As for the title of this post I have called this day Happy VD day ever since high school.  For on this day the biology teacher at my school would address the topic of VD, yes venereal disease, and so it became known as VD day.  It felt a bit like a rite of passage once I was old enough to make it through this class.  While there is absolutely nothing funny about VD wrapping the topic with a bit of humor does help ease the conversation and makes it memorable, a key.  If you have someone in your family that is the age for this conversation then make today the day.

Have a Fabulous Valentine


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